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Wager Testing Using Multiple Wagers Simultaneously

Definition Wager Testing - Creating and Backtesting over 100 Wagers simultaneously based on a single Track Profile.  The result is a fast technique for isolating those types of wagers which are profitable for a specific track.  Results are stored and can be re-examined based on Track Profile.

Figure 1 - Wager Testing Drop Down Menu

Simply select the "Run Multiple Wager Tests" from the drop down menu.  

Figure 2 - Multiple Wager Entry Display

As is evident from the pop up display there is no HELP button, so use the HELP feature on the Drop Down Menu (see Figure 1) for features while using QuickHorse.  This tutorial will walk you through the setup of a couple of wagers.  Following the procedures documented here, the user can create up to 104 different wagers for the same Track Profile/Method.

On the topic of Track Profile, note the line above which says "Method STANDARD - Wager File: AQUDI.WAG".  This file contains all the wagers entered so you can come back to this specific test later, and also includes the results of the last run - "Analyze" that was performed on those wagers.

You will note that the name of this file very specifically calls out both the Method of Handicapping (in this case STANDARD) and a breakdown of Track(surface)/Condition/Distance which is based on the currently selected Track Profile Settings made using the FILE menu bar item features.

Also included are the 3 buttons (which are also on the BACKTEST popup) - Condition, Distance. Grade, along with the number of races to backtest and date selection buttons.  It can be thought of as a mini-Backtest display with all the settings except the Column Data Outputs.

To use this display, the most common entries made would be into the Wager Fields.  You might also change the number of races, or the Dates Selected for these tests.  

To enter a wager simply click on (use Left Mouse Button) the black window area for any line of the Wager Data shown.

Figure 3 - The Familiar Wager Entry Popup

For each wager entered, you may select not only the wager you wish, but also the Pick Odds, and the Exclude Grades features for each Wager.  You may also select unique DAYS/RACES FILTER settings for each wager in your Multiple Wager List.  All Wagers will have the same Culling of Average Rank Differences if you select those.

Entering a Wager is covered in the BACKTEST Feature on the "Handicapping_Tools" Menu Bar item's drop down Menu, so we will not cover that here.  It is assumed that by the time you work with this feature that you've entered many wagers using Backtest/Supertune/Superhandicap.  If you have not used these other features you should STOP and go back to those features.

For the purposes of this tutorial we'll enter a simple 1 to Win with $2 wager.  Then click the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to return to the Multiple Wagers Display.

Figure 4 - First line filled in with a Win Wager

Now we'll click on two more wagers, and make one an Exacta Wager using the first 3 horse selected, and the second wager a Trifecta Wager boxing the first 3 horses selected.  After having entered these 2 additional wagers your display will look like this.

Figure 5 - 3 Wagers Entered and Ready to "ANALYZE"  (BACKTEST)

After rechecking our NO. RACES and Race Dates, we're happy with what we are going to test so the only remaining thing to do is to LEFT CLICK on the "ANALYZE" button.  The resultant display is shown below.

Figure 6 - The Results of Running 3 Simultaneous Wagers

What can you conclude from these results?  It would appear that exacta box 3 wagers outdid the other two. However, none were profitable.  But that's ok, because we haven't tuned our method.  The Track Profile Weighting Factors are unknown and haven't been Supertuned or Superhandicapped prior to this tutorial.  However, it still does appear that if you want to wager at Aqueduct and use the Standard Method, then you want to look seriously at the Exacta Wagers.

To exit this feature, simply click the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.


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