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Select Pace Rating / Jockey Method

After the user selects this feature, QuickHorse will use its "Pace Rating / Jockey Method"  to display the anticipated results of the Race Card Selected.  Race Cards (Race Programs) are chosen using the FILE Menu Bar item of QuickHorse.

A sample display of the Pace Rating / Jockey Method is shown below, and the method's calculations are also explained below.  This User's Guide section only discusses the calculations used in this method.  For information about how to interact with the settings and other navigation please click on the "Select_Standard_Method" feature on the menu at the left side of this page.

Figure 1 - The Pace Rating / Jockey Method Handicapping Display

Note that with the exception of the 8th column, this method is identical to the PACE RATING METHOD. The eighth column simply gives the Jockey Rating for the Jockey who is expected to ride this horse in this race.  The higher a jockey's rating the better. 

Jockey/Trainer Rating is calculated in the following way - 

Each outing the jockey/trainer is awarded a score. His score is his position DIVIDED by the field size.

For example, a winner in a race with 8 horses gets an initial value of 1/8 which is .125, however, next, this value is subtracted from 1, so the score would be .875. Finally multiply by 100, so the score for this particular races would be an 87.5

But the jockey/trainer rating is an average of all the jockey's/trainer's races over the past year, so, while each race gets a score, which can be calculated using the data and the algorithm above, the jockey/trainer rating will change from race to race as the results of the last race are averaged in.

Obviously the more horses running the more expert the jockey/trainer to come in 1st and the higher is his score for that race.

There is a slight problem with this method in that the Jockey Ratings are NOT CURRENT and up to date as of the time of the race.  Since they are only calculated prior to today's events, they can not possibly be UP TO DATE as a jockey riding in the 9th race today, probably had other races and thus other Jockey Ratings.  These ratings will not be calculated for those races of TODAY until the results charts are downloaded the NEXT DAY.  At that point, going back to this method will produce different results for Jockey Ratings.  There is no way to eliminate this discrepancy so you may notice that building a tipsheet AFTER a race card is run (ie the next day after downloading results) is different from the one you took to the track with you the day before.

This handicapping method has been created by our Custom Method Builder and you may use the Custom Method Builder to see exactly how it is programmed.

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