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Select Off Pace Method

After the user selects this feature, QuickHorse will use its "Off Pace Method"  to display the anticipated results of the Race Card Selected.  Race Cards (Race Programs) are chosen using the FILE Menu Bar item of QuickHorse.

A sample display of the Off Pace Method is shown below, and the method's calculations are also explained below.  This User's Guide section only discusses the calculations used in this method.  For information about how to interact with the settings and other navigation please click on the "Select_Standard_Method" feature on the menu at the left side of this page.

Figure 1 - The Off Pace Method Handicapping Display

The Off Pace method is pretty simplistic in what it does. For each of up to 6 calls, C1 through C6 OPV or "Off Pace Values" (You may see ???? for some calls depending on the length of the race being handicapped) are calculated as follows -

The average time for that call (average based on your Custom Method Filter settings) is compared against the average time for that call for the winners of those races with the same distance as today's race. An absolute value of the difference is the value shown, and the horses with the values closest
to ZERO would be the horses that ran similarly to the way winning horses have at that distance during that race call.

Up to 6 calls are calculated and that number will depend on the actual number of calls which is based on the distance of the race.

Each column calculated score is used along with a multiplier (weighting factor) which can be changed by the user in order to come to a total score based on the values for each horse.  The score for each column is calculated in the same way as it is for a Column in the Standard Method.  This score is not the VALUE of but rather a NORMALIZED score based on the average scores for all the horses using minus and plus 3 standard deviations from the mean as a range for all scores.  See the Standard Method features for a better explanation of "normalized column scoring".  

This handicapping method has been created by our Custom Method Builder and the reader may use the Custom Method Builder to see exactly how it is programmed.

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