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Subscribing To QuickHorse using Instant Key 

Once you've learned to use QuickHorse during your 30 day trial or to re-subscribe to QuickHorse on a yearly basis, you can use this feature to pay for your subscription and automatically update your subscription "key".  The subscription key is simply your license to use QuickHorse for 1 year.

Figure 1 - Selecting the SUBSCRIBE TO QUICKHORSE Feature

Selecting the SUBSCRIBE Feature within 10 days of the expiration of your free trial or subscription will allow you to select a payment method - See Figure 2 below.  If you wish to continue your trial then select the button labeled with that option.  If you wish to purchase an additional subscription period which will begin when your current subscription ends, then select "I WANT TO SUBSCRIBE".

QuickReckoning, Inc., the publisher of QuickHorse uses FirstData for its Credit Card processing company.  You may also order by mail and Paypal members can use Paypal to pay.  When paying by mail we complete your subscription process for you manually while we wait for payment.  So, you can get instant access to your subscription even though you pay by mail.  

Once your trial subscription expires QuickHorse will automatically display a Subscription dialog menu as shown in Figure 3.  Figure 3 will also appear just after you select "I WANT TO SUBSCRIBE" in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Using SUBSCRIBE within 10 Days of Subscription Expiration

Figure 3 - Subscribing After Your Trial Period Ends

When you select the "I WILL PAY WITH CREDIT..." button, QuickHorse will guide you through our payment screens by popping up the QuickHorse Instant Key web page as shown below.

Figure 4 - The QuickHorse Instant Key Web Page

Contained on this web page are detailed instructions for completing your subscription purchase.  As with any other feature of QuickHorse, please write to us with any questions or concerns you have about online purchasing or purchasing a QuickHorse subscription.


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