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Installing the Latest Update of QuickHorse

Figure 1 - Selecting the Latest Update Feature

Since QuickHorse is available only from the internet, and our diverse user base continually asks for features or enhancements, we update QuickHorse quite frequently.  Once a week or so, or when notified of a new update, every user should stay current and the Latest Update feature allows you to do just that.

After clicking on the Latest Update feature, QuickHorse will check to see if your computer is up to date with the latest revision of QuickHorse.  If not then QuickHorse will download the latest update, then exit QuickHorse automatically and start up the installation process for the update.

Figure 2 - QuickHorse locates an update

To install the update you simply select the SETUP button - see Figure 3.

Within a few seconds this new version of QuickHorse will be running on your desktop.

Sometimes an update is so important that when you start up QuickHorse and begin to use it, you will eventually get a message telling you that YOU MUST UPDATE.  You will also see a web page describing the update.  At this point it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU EXIT QUICKHORSE, then follow the directions on the web pages presented in order to install the critical update.


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