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QuickHorse Exit Command

Selecting the EXIT Menu Bar item tell the QuickHorse program to cleanup and close down.  Depending on the features which were in use at the time this command is selected, QuickHorse may need to do some "housekeeping" and shutdown may take a few seconds.  Be patient and wait for the QuickHorse program to shutdown normally.

NEVER SHUT QUICKHORSE DOWN during a Database Convert process (while downloading Free data or converting Pay Data).  However, if you do, and you find that next time you use QuickHorse you are missing data, then you will need to do a REBUILD of your database.

A REBUILD can only be done by using the 2nd Popup Display of QuickHorse which immediately pops up after you select the "I AGREE" button on the registration display.

There is no menu bar item for Rebuilding the database as it is not necessary assuming nothing unusual happens while the database is being updated.

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