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Selecting a Larger or Smaller Program Window Size

QuickHorse is designed so that a very small window can be used which still contains all your handicapping information.  This way several smaller windows can exist on your desktop at once.  However, since these windows are smaller, they may be harder for some users to read, so QuickHorse has 3 different sized windows which can be selected based on the size of your display (resolution being used).

In addition, you can select either to use our "RACE TABS" feature or simply run without this feature.  The Race Tabs feature displays an additional column to the right side of the QuickHorse window as shown in Figure 1, creating the appearance shown in Figure 2.

Once QuickHorse sets this window size, a user can change it if desired by selecting this feature.

Figure 1 - 6 Options for Window Size

Once you select the window size, if you're not happy with it, simply select another until you are.  DO NOT try to increase the window size in any other way.  Each time you change the window size, QuickHorse will EXIT then restart with the size selected.

Figure 2 - Small Window with Race Tabs Column

Once you decide to use Race Tabs, an additional menu option is presented so that you can list specific groups of race programs as listed in the Race Tabs drop down menu shown in Figure 2.

Race Tabs also create flexibility in the user interface while using the Live Tote Board.  The current list of races being run (in real time) is shown and updated automatically.  See Figure 3.  To handicap a race simply click on that race's identifier on the Race Tabs Menu.

Figure 3 - Race Tab list of Current Live Tote Board Races


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