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Editing the Limited Payoffs File

When Backtesting or Supertuning for Bankroll or Return on Investment (ROI), unusually large wager payoffs may give unrealistic expectations.  Therefore you may want to limit the wager payoffs.  For example, suppose QuickHorse finds a win payout of $85 - highly irregular.  This payout may be an error on the part of the chart writer or it just may be an extremely long shot horse winning (greater than 40-1).  In any case, it is very rare, and you may not want this payout to influence QuickHorse too much.  In this case, using the Limited Payoffs file, you can tell QuickHorse to either SKIP this race, or you can tell QuickHorse to limit the payout to some value, for example, $20.

To use the Limited Payoffs file, simply click on that feature with QuickHorse.  The file contains directions for its use and those directions are copied below:

MAX PAYOFF: $1000000.00

This file can be edited to limit payoff amounts when backtesting or supertuning
Wagers when ROI is used as the target variable.

In the first line simply change the MAX PAYOFF by editing the dollar amount AFTER
the $ sign.

You may also chose to either SKIP those wagers exceeded the MAX PAYOFF you've
selected or to simply LIMIT the payoffs and include the wager with that payoff
as part of your backtesting or supertuning. This file has LIMIT set, but you 
can change that word to SKIP so that those wagers whose payoffs exceed the
MAX PAYOFF value set will be ignored.

After making your changes save this file, then do a backtest or supertune (also
includes Multi-Wagers and QuickTipper features).

If you are using scripting, you can use the SYSTEM scripting command to copy
different files to the file \jaihorse\limitpayoffs.txt during the running of 
your script. This is an advanced feature useful to more advanced QuickHorse users
who employ scripting to automate QuickHorse.

This information is included only to explain to new users what is in this file
and what this file is used for. This information may be deleted if you wish
before you save this file.


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