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Force Dirt Surface Selection (Races moved from Turf to Dirt)

Sometimes a race is selected for the Turf, but by Post Time, the turf conditions are such that the race is moved to the dirt track.  When this happens, the "FORCE DIRT" command can be used to set the handicapping up such that QuickHorse will change races from turf to dirt races.

All you do as a handicapper when this happens is to click on the "Force Dirt" feature.  You will notice that the letters "FD" appear in the Windows Title Bar of the QuickHorse window (top line of the window).  Clicking this feature again, will make those letters disappear indicating there is no FORCE DIRT active.  

Once you set force dirt then all races and all tracks are set so be sure to toggle it as necessary as you handicap during the course of using several race dates and tracks.

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