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Delete Columns

In order to allow you to delete Columns you no longer use, this menu selection simply displays the contents of the Column folder within QuickHorse.  

Figure 1 - QuickHorse Columns Folder Directory

As long as you know the Shortname of your column, you can find it here.  Each file begins with the characters C_ (C underscore) then ends with the "shortname".COL.  Right Click on a Column and select DELETE to delete Columns you no longer use.  

WARNING - DO NOT USE the RENAME FEATURE or any other features on this display.  ONLY USE THE DELETE Windows command.

If you wish to rename an existing QuickHorse Column, then select that column for edit using the Column Builder, but when its shortname and description are displayed, CHANGE them using that menu, then click "OK".  You will then be editing a new Column created by copying the contents of the original column.


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